How Long Will Shipping Take?

Can I upgrade my shipping to next day delivery?

Why Hasn't My Shipping / Tracking Information Updated?

Are There Any Shipping Delays Due To Covid 19?


It Has Been A Few Days Since I Placed My Order & I Have Only Received An Order Confirmation ?

I Have Ordered Multiple Items & Have Only Received Part Of My Order.

How Do I Cancel Or Chnage My Order?

How Do I Exchange My Order?


What Size Should I Purchase?

Where Can I Find Live Love Soca Clothing & Accessories?

I Was So Excited To Place My Order That I Forgot To Use My Discount Code.

Do you Take Custom Orders?

Where Are Your Items Designed & Manufactured?


Why Does It Take So Long To Deliver My Swimsuit?

What Material Is Used For Live Love Soca Swimwear?

What Size Should I Purchase?