Vince Vagabond Campbell Female T-Shirt ***100% Profit Will Be Donated***


Hi All, I'm V mostly known as Vince or VagaBond.

A 30-year-old that has a love for carnivals, travelling the world and making precious memories.

I have moved to the Midlands from London last year with my partner to buy a house and to start a family.
Earlier this year, I had planned a trip to Bermuda with close friends to take part in Carnival in June 2019 as carnivals and Soca music was what had brought us all together as friends.

Unfortunately, I could not make that trip due to me becoming unwell and after several trips to the hospital and several investigations,
I was sadly diagnosed with Stomach Cancer in April 2019.
The Consultant had informed me that due to the size of my tumour, there was nothing that could be done. The tumour was too big making it inoperable so surgery was never an option.
Chemotherapy was started and given in three cycles over the summer months to see if the tumour would shrink, however the tumour has grown bigger since.

Since chemo finished in August, I became more unwell and I have received a high amount of blood transfusions due to my red blood count continuously dropping due to the effects of Chemotherapy and Cancer.
In October, I was treated for pneumonia and sepsis which resulted in my lung having to be drained, as an excess amount of liquid had formed.

Sadly, I have now been officially told that my Cancer is Stage 4 and I do not have long left.

NHS have said they are no longer able to help me and they will not give me any more chemotherapy as they have said that it will not help and due to my heart rate being so high on a daily basis, they are now saying that my heart could stop at any time.
This is why it is very serious and why I am now seeking treatment in Europe that could give me a higher chance of surviving and I pray that you will donate and help so I can raise money for the following possible treatments that are effective:

Proton Beam Therapy which costs £65K
Immunotherapy which costs between £45-50K
Natural Treatment clinic which costs around £40K.

I am asking for £65K, just to cover me for the most expensive treatment as with limited time, I may only have the chance to actually undergo one treatment instead all three so I will have to decide which one is the most effective.

If the £65K is not raised in time or if I do not make it through to receive this treatment, I want the money to go to my wonderful partner who has been amazing and has been by my side from the beginning and has dropped her entire life to care for me since April as I have not been able to physically do anything for myself and I would like this to happen because she deserves all the support she can get especially if I am no longer here but I am definitely fighting to be here for many more years.

Please anything you donate, no matter the amount, I will be forever grateful and it will give me a chance to fight this nasty disease.

Thank you for all your continued support.


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